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A platform for community-powered professional growth

Because work is about more than just a job.

Empower new hires, develop and retain your existing talent

Too many job owners and talent managers stop at the job posting. With Voqation, we’ll help you build a foundation for effective onboarding, development, and retention.

Attract and Onboard The Right Talent

It all starts with a common language for defining and recognizing top performance. Voqation bridges the divide between job posting and performance management with Talent Stacks, the specific sets of skills, knowledge, and tools needed to be a top performer in any given role. 



Engage Through Practice Groups

Create Practice Groups to define and validate the areas of expertise your business depends on. Engage communities of experts beyond your business to align your Talent Stacks with the state of the art for any given job domain. 

By participating in Practice Groups, employees transform individual knowledge into shared practice.

Develop and Retain

Empower your employees with a digital portfolio and roadmap for career development. Boost retention by showing your commitment to your talent’s future.

Tap into a new kind of community to fuel your talent’s growth

Real-time collaboration

Collaborate in real-time on job definitions, interview guides, and Talent Stacks.

Practice Groups

Tap into the full range of talent in your network to optimize your job definitions.


Expand your talent pools through a community of subject matter experts to get feedback on your job definitions and performance assessment.

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